Nate Lisée

Nate Lisée is a Co-Founder of Meeting Point and brings over a decade of experience in business management. At Meeting Point, he leverages his expertise to consult on strategic client projects and spearhead business development initiatives. Prior to founding Meeting Point, Nate held senior roles at two global investment management firms. He most recently served as Senior Director and U.S. fund accounting leader for a prominent real estate investment manager. Before this, his responsibilities included roles as Director and Controller at another global investment manager. Nate's career began at KPMG, as a Senior Auditor, where he specialized in the alternative investment industry. He excels at assessing organizational needs and building the necessary infrastructure, including teams and systems, to enhance performance.


Matthew Sachak


Matt Sachak is a Co-Founder of Meeting Point, with extensive background in accounting, project management, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance spanning over a decade. At Meeting Point, Matt oversees all financial and operational aspects of the firm to ensure efficiency, growth, and strategic alignment. Prior to founding Meeting Point, he led numerous projects focused on continuous improvement, software development, and control design/compliance, showcasing his passion for enhancing operational efficiency. Matt's career began at KPMG, where, as a Senior Auditor, specialized in manufacturing and aerospace industries. He later joined one of KPMG’s internal technology teams as a Project Manager, overseeing the development of various software solutions serving the firm’s national audit teams. Matt’s enthusiasm for technology and professional experience unites in his ability to identify and leverage client value opportunities. Matt excels in refining systems and procedures and advocates for the early adoption of groundbreaking software and practices, significantly benefiting clients.

Kris Edwards

Kris Edwards is a Co-Founder of Meeting Point and brings over 30 years of financial consulting, data analytics and business transformation experience.  At Meeting Point, she has advised multiple senior management teams tasked with reengineering processes, implementing systems, and improving internal controls.  Earlier in her career, Kris was the Director of National Operations for a financial services firm and has extensive knowledge of the banking and insurance industries.  Kris excels at translating complex data into a concise and meaningful output which enables her clients to make informed decisions.


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